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The Art of Self-Pleasure: An Ode to Masturbation

Masturbation remains a taboo subject in many circles. But we believe self-love is essential to owning your sexuality. Solo sensual play allows you to learn your body’s desires, relieve stress, and connect with yourself in a profound way. Here are tips for a transcendent masturbation practice:

Set the mood – Dim the lights, play music, light candles or incense. Draw a bath. Create an ambiance that energizes and arouses.

Explore – Experiment with different touches, toys, lubricants and stimulation techniques to see what feels best. Enjoy the journey.

Use accessories – Try clitoral suction toys, vibrators, anal plugs, erotic audio, or bondage items to enhance sensation. Get creative!

Engage the senses – Sight, sound, scent, taste and touch all heighten the experience. Tease each one for full immersion.

Build anticipation – Fantasize and caress yourself leisurely before touching genitals directly. Delaying gratification makes release sweeter.

Breathe deeply – Rhythmic breathing channels energy and controls pacing.

Vocalize – Moan, use affirmations, say your desires aloud. Free your voice to disinhibit and amplify excitement.

Let go – Release judgment or expectations. Immerse in sensations and emotions that arise.

Pleasure is a journey – walk the path with us. Made In Heaven will be your guide, but never your limiter.

Passion, play, and discovery – this is our promise to you.